Laverne D. – Retired- McGee, AR

Laverne D. – Retired- McGee, AR

Laverne: When I started here, I could not walk, my leg was paralyzed, and I walked like a drunk. I had no feelings in my leg and I could not control my foot. 

Dr. Keith Currie: Okay. So what did your other doctors tell you? 

Laverne: That I had had a stroke in my back and that I needed to go and have surgery. That’s why I came in here to see you. In fact, my husband made me come through and I didn't want to because we didn't have an appointment. And when I walked in, Dr. Currie took me right on in and started the treatment, and I am so much better. 

Dr. Keith Currie: Yeah. So compared to when we first started, compared to today, what's the difference like? 

Laverne: Wonderful. I can walk better, I don't walk like a drunk, I can control my foot, and it's just awesome. 

Dr. Keith Currie: What would you tell someone who needed help? 

Laverne: Come see Dr. Currie.