Vial A. - Retired- Fairfield Bay, AR


My husband saw Dr. Currie on TV and decided that maybe we should come over, and so we made an appointment. We were real skeptical because other doctors wanted to give me shots in the back and I don't like shots. We were going on vacation on Friday, but we came over on Monday. Dr. Currie told me if I would come back Tuesday and Wednesday, they would begin treatments for me. And I was really dreading going on vacation because we were going to Galveston Island and I knew I couldn't walk on the beach. I haven't done that in three years. And I came over Tuesday and Wednesday and got my treatments. Then we went on vacation Friday, and we were gone for two weeks and I walked on the beach every day, picking up shells. And this, I would recommend this to anybody. It's just wonderful. It's made a new person out of me. I don't have to walk with a walker or crutches, or anything else, and it's made a new person out of me. Thank you.