David- Teacher - Cabot, AR

The following is a testimonial from David a teacher from Cabot about the treatments he received at Currie Health and Wellness Diagnostic center from Dr. Keith Currie, D.C.

 My back hurt all the time, 100% of the time. The only time I could get any relief was when I was lying down flat in the bed. Any time I was up, I was hurting, and of course I'm a school teacher so I'm up on my feet all day long. And as the day went on, the more I hurt. And by the evening, it was so bad that I'd just go home, and get in the recliner and almost collapse because I would be hurting so bad. Also, the pain was shooting down my legs into my thighs, and into the back of my thighs, and my calves. And that pain had gotten where it was almost as bad as the back pain was. And so it was just hard for me to function, hard for me to do my job, hard for me to concentrate, and I had to move so slowly, that it was taking me longer to get everything done.

I've been teaching for 32 years. I've always felt that God called me to be a teacher, and put me in this profession to make a difference with our young people and to be a role model for them as well as to teach them math. I teach geometry, but I felt like I was to the point where if I didn't get some relief, I was going to have to retire and go into retirement way before I felt like I was ready to and before the Lord wanted me to. So I was hopeful when I began Dr. Currie’s treatment, that this would be able to help my problem, so that I could continue working, and making a difference with our young people, and being there for them, and trying to be a positive influence for them.

Dr. Keith Currie: All right, so let me ask you this. About how far into the program was it before you started to notice relief? And when you did, what was that like?

David: I went through the first four weeks and I took my treatments on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings before school. Then would go on and work for the rest of the day. And I felt a little bit better, but then all of a sudden, on the Saturday after my fourth week, I woke up, I was pain free and I went pain free all day long. That's the first pain free day I've had in over ten years, and each consecutive day after that has been really good. I have just a little bit of pain at the end of the day, because I have to be on my feet all day long teaching, and working, and bending over and different things. But my relief was just all of a sudden. And I know it's different for different people. Some people it might be more gradual, some people it might be earlier in the treatment, some people it might be later in the treatment, but for me it was about four weeks in. It just seemed like all of a sudden, I started feeling better and had less pain, and recognized that, "Hey, my back pain is better and I feel a lot better.”

 You're helping everyone that I've seen. While I was sitting in the waiting room one day, I heard one person say that they've been through either four or five back surgeries, and that this was helping them more than that. And each back surgery they had seemed like they had more pain, and it got a little bit worse and that this was really helping their pain. I decided to try this before I did any surgeries. I've heard so many horror stories about back surgeries and how you end up in worse shape than you are before you started. I was looking for an alternative to surgery to try to get my back better. And when Dr. Currie explained the process to me, explained how it works, and that this is a way to try to get your body so that it could heal naturally and God could heal your body in a natural way, I was all for it. I just talked it over with my wife; she looked at the computer and did a little investigating. We just felt like that this was the best way to go. So I'm very happy with the treatment I've received, and I know that all the other patients I've talked to are happy with the treatment they've received, and the results they are obtaining.

I've always had my wife and my three daughters, which I love very much, but God has richly blessed me with a little grandson and he is one year old. We just went to his birthday party in Houston, Texas, and we bought him a little red wagon. And I was able to squat down beside the wagon, and get my picture taken, and get back up, which is something I hadn't been able to do before. I hadn't been able to squat in quite some time because of the pain. And one of the many reasons I've done this is also for my grandson, because I wouldn't be able to get down on the floor and play with him, and have fun, and then be able to get back up on my own without somebody having to help me back up. I'm getting real close to that, and so that's one of the many goals that I feel like I'm going to be able to achieve through this treatment and from the help you have given me, Dr. Currie.