Glenda-Retired- Sherridan, AR

Glenda-Retired- Sherridan, AR

On a scale of one to ten, I was about a fourteen when I started with Dr. Currie if I were going to be honest. Since 1990 it started getting to the point it was debilitating. The last three or four years it had gotten bad. I was pretty much an invalid. That's just about the way it was. I couldn't stand for over three minutes. I couldn't even make small meals like breakfast, could only sleep on my left side, and could not lay on my back even on a bed. I was pretty bad. I was in a wheel chair.

Now you hear "I got my life back. I got my life back. I got my life back". My granddaughter brought me up here. I went shopping for the first time in ten years. Normally I could only shop where there was a buggy and that was very quick just in and out. We went over to the shopping center when we left here and we stayed from 4:30 to 9:30. I am shopping all the time.  My whole life has changed. There's not one aspect of my life that has not changed.

Dr. Currie: What would you say to somebody who needs this care?

Glenda: Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Don't hesitate. Don't hesitate. I gave up twenty something years of my life. You can't get that back. My granddaughter told me, she said "Gran, I've never seen you do this." My husband and I were dancing around the kitchen, and I realized, she's eighteen. She had never seen me without pain. Ever. And she's just in awe.

Dr. Currie: Wonderful.. You've seen a lot of other patients here since you've been coming here. What would say about what you've seen with other patients and their situations and how bad they were, and how things are different for them?

Glenda: Oh my. I really recognize it. I recognize the pain on their face because I know what that feels like. That's terrible and it breaks my heart to see people like that, knowing that there is an alternative and there's a way they can get help. So I don't hesitate to tell them, "I know how you're feeling." There was one guy that came in, a young man, with a young son and I was out in the waiting area. And when he walked in, the look on his face, I told my husband, "I know that look, that man is suffering so." There weren’t any chairs. I got up and I walked over to him and I said, "Take my chair, I'm already better. You can see I'm better. You take my chair." And he told me he had a young son that he couldn't even play with. A young man and I thought, "Umm. There's so many people out there that could benefit from this if they only knew. If they only knew". And I just have to give God and Dr. Keith, the glory and the praise and will ever, ever be indebted to them both. I told Dr. Currie, "You know, God's gonna bless you." He said, "He already has." He said, "I give Him the glory." And I told him then, "Yes, you can but God uses people. He uses people."