Pat O. - Retired - New York

 I'm down here for the winter in the Arkansas area, in Hot Springs, and I read an ad in the local paper about this clinic, Dr. Currie's. And I have been plagued with neuropathy and back pain for many years, was told there was nothing they could do. You take medicine, which had a lot of side effects, and that's what I've been doing, but I read this, and I went on the Internet and scoped it out, came over, had a consultation. Everything sounded good for what they could do. I had an MRI with me and I had some pretty serious back problems. I still probably have some, but I've had one treatment as of yesterday and I cannot believe how good I feel. My feet, I didn't have pains last night, I had a good night's sleep, and it's just amazing. Everybody ought to have access to this clinic, is my thoughts.

Roger – Newport, AR – Small Business Owner

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I came to this clinic because I had a lot of problems with my lower back. I had degenerative disc disease. I also had fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy. When I walked in the door, it was all I could do to walk through the door. On the way down, I fell asleep. Of course I had about an hour and a half drive, and it was all I could do to make it up on the table.

Before I came here, my fibromyalgia was probably a 9 on the pain scale. It also had to do with my neck problems. I could not turn my head to the left at all, and I had it very restricted to the right, and now I've got full movement. Basically any time a major storm came in, I was in the bed for two or three days. Now, a storm comes up, I very rarely even feel it coming on, and never get over the edge anymore. On a day to day basis my fibromyalgia is probably a 2.

For my neck, as far as the movement goes, it was probably a 9 on the pain scale. Pain wise, I had to block out the pain because it happened in a car wreck in 1988, so it had been a long time. And I'd just gotten adjusted to that I could never turn my head to the left at all. And then right, I could not go very far without pain, and now I can get it all the way around.

For my lower back, I was right at a 9, very lack of movement, couldn't bend over and tie my shoes. I couldn't put socks on, I had problems. In fact, the first couple of visits, they had to take my shoes and socks off for me. That is how bad it was, limited as far as movement goes. It was all I could do to struggle to get up on top of the table. It's right at about a 3 or 4, and I’m able to tie my shoes again. It's been about 15 years since I could do that. The treatments definitely helps neuropathy. I've went from having sharp needles and pins in my feet at all times, burning sensations, now I've got a cool dull pain that 's bearable. Before it was a struggle for every step, and there were a lot of days where I couldn't get out of bed and put my feet on the floor. It just hurt.

I used to get the worst headaches you ever thought about, and basically the only way I ever got rid of them was just to sleep. And now, I haven't had a headache since after the first week.

Basically when I walked in the door, I said it can't hurt, because as far bad as I was, and to see the kind of results that I've gotten, is just great. And we saw results from day one on the neck. Now, it was about the sixth treatment before my back started doing any better. But you definitely can notice the results.


Laverne D. – Retired- McGee, AR

Laverne D. – Retired- McGee, AR

Laverne: When I started here, I could not walk, my leg was paralyzed, and I walked like a drunk. I had no feelings in my leg and I could not control my foot. 

Dr. Keith Currie: Okay. So what did your other doctors tell you? 

Laverne: That I had had a stroke in my back and that I needed to go and have surgery. That’s why I came in here to see you. In fact, my husband made me come through and I didn't want to because we didn't have an appointment. And when I walked in, Dr. Currie took me right on in and started the treatment, and I am so much better. 

Dr. Keith Currie: Yeah. So compared to when we first started, compared to today, what's the difference like? 

Laverne: Wonderful. I can walk better, I don't walk like a drunk, I can control my foot, and it's just awesome. 

Dr. Keith Currie: What would you tell someone who needed help? 

Laverne: Come see Dr. Currie.