Derrick P.

I ended up having surgery about 10 years ago. I blew L4-L5 and severed L4 and I did everything I could to correct that. It was severed and laying against that sciatic nerve and I had to have surgery. After surgery, I was out of work for 3 months and the first three weeks I couldn’t do anything but pick up a fork or a phone. It took me over a year to recuperate and I still hurt after surgery, but not nearly as bad. Then I don’t know what happened, but I did something else and had severe pain on the left side of my back this time. I came here and got almost instant relief on my first treatment. Then it took a little bit, but I got better and better and better. Now I’m zero pain for four weeks and I feel better than I have felt in 10 years. My surgery went really good for what happened to me, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. They don’t tell you what happens after surgery, how long the recovery time, or you’re not doing anything for three months. Coming to Dr. Currie’s office I can still go to my job, I can still work, and I can still be mobile. Definitely try this first, I highly recommend him.

Eldon C.

      I heard on television that I could get some relief from this doctor and I called to make an appointment. I go dancing and I could hardly dance, and I couldn’t turn my head to the left when I came. Since I’ve started taking these treatments it doesn’t hurt to dance like it did, I can dance a lot longer, and I got to where I could turn my head. I couldn’t believe how much relief I got and I’m doing so much better. I’m very satisfied.

Karon N.

               I was having pain on the right side of my buttocks and down the right side of my thigh. I believe it was a sciatic nerve. I went to a chiropractor to begin with and the next day I was worse. I went to a medical doctor, he gave me a 6 day supply of steroids, and needless to say that didn’t work either. I wasn’t getting very good sleep. I wasn’t able to sleep in a bed at all, I was sleeping in a recliner. We called Dr. Currie’s office for a free consultation, they gave us an appointment for the next day, my husband and I, and I started treatment that day. It took about 8 treatments until I could finally get back into my bed, but Lord that first night I had such good sleep it was unreal.