Eldon C.

      I heard on television that I could get some relief from this doctor and I called to make an appointment. I go dancing and I could hardly dance, and I couldn’t turn my head to the left when I came. Since I’ve started taking these treatments it doesn’t hurt to dance like it did, I can dance a lot longer, and I got to where I could turn my head. I couldn’t believe how much relief I got and I’m doing so much better. I’m very satisfied.

Karon N.

               I was having pain on the right side of my buttocks and down the right side of my thigh. I believe it was a sciatic nerve. I went to a chiropractor to begin with and the next day I was worse. I went to a medical doctor, he gave me a 6 day supply of steroids, and needless to say that didn’t work either. I wasn’t getting very good sleep. I wasn’t able to sleep in a bed at all, I was sleeping in a recliner. We called Dr. Currie’s office for a free consultation, they gave us an appointment for the next day, my husband and I, and I started treatment that day. It took about 8 treatments until I could finally get back into my bed, but Lord that first night I had such good sleep it was unreal.

Derrick P. Greenbrier-Construction

Derrick P. Greenbrier  Construction
                I couldn’t stand up straight or do anything, my back and leg pain was off the charts. I do construction and I have to have a good back. The last time I had back surgery I couldn’t do anything for 6 months. I was able to work when I went through Dr. Currie’s program and I’ve had zero down time. After a few weeks I had no back pain at all and it was completely gone. I couldn’t be more pleased.