Thyroid Support Factors*

Thyrodex T-150™ is a powerful thyroid hormone modulator designed to support healthy thyroid function, which in turn may have a positive effect on appetite, energy levels and weight management.*


Thyrodex T-150™ combines BSE-free bovine glandular thyroid with select herbs and nutrients to support optimal thyroid function.*  Glandular thyroid has a proven track record of efficacy in supporting thyroid function.* This formula includes the key ingredients, L-tyrosine and iodine, which aid in nourishing healthy levels of thyroxine.  L-Tyrosine and iodine also play a key role in the conversion of thyroxine to the more bioactive triiodothyronine (T4 to T3) thereby stimulating the thyroid gland.* The powerful combination of herbs and minerals added to this formula further supports the needs of an underactive thyroid.*
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