Autoimmune Disease and Chronic Viral Infections

Chronic infections wreak havoc on the body!

Dr. Keith Currie works with many patients suffering from Autoimmune Disease. The below chart shows how viral infections can be a trigger or driver of autoimmune disease. A chronic low grade viral infection can cause immune system activation and when combined with a phenomenon called "molecular mimicry", lead to self destruction of body tissues, aka autoimmune disease. Often, we have patients that had no idea that they are infected with the Epstein Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, or others listed on the chart and that the viral infection is possibly leading or contributing to their condition. With an autoimmune disease patient, Dr. Currie does testing to identify possible viral activity that could be leading to disease and poor health. Dr. Currie only utilizes natural methods of treatment (nutrtion and supplementation) that do not involve medications or surgery.