My best probiotic

Dr. Keith Currie D.C. here,

I want to take a minute to talk about a topic that I believe is VERY important for all of our health: PROBIOTICS.

I have found what I believe to be the BEST probiotic. Below, I will discussed what has lead me to this conclusion. I feel that it is my obligation to provide you with the very best information I have available to help you become as healthy as possible.

Most people are taking a “probiotic”. However, what most of those people don’t know is that their probiotic is NOT capable of actually living inside of their body to get to the small intestine to have any benefit whatsoever.  Research has shown that of 34 top brands of probiotics (along with Greek Yogurt – 0% of the probiotics in the yogurt made it alive to the small intestine). Only 4 that were tested had probiotic bacteria that lived to get to the small intestine. Of those 4, only 2 had over 20% function. So, for those keeping score: 34 probiotics tested = 2 that only had over 20% function by the time they made it to the gut.

So, a lot of people who are taking probiotics are not getting any benefit whatsoever from their probiotic! The probiotic bacteria are getting killed off by the acids in the stomach before they even get to the small intestine where they are supposed to do their job! Many of these patients are spending anywhere between $50-$95 a month on a probiotic that is 100% completely ineffective. I couldn’t believe it when I learned this because just the month before, I spent over $80.00 on the “best” probiotic that I could buy from a very well-known nationwide natural grocery store in Little Rock. I was shocked when the lecturing microbiologist put a picture up of the very bottle (that I spent so much money on) up on the screen during his presentation and showed that 0% made it to my small intestine.

The microbiologist was lecturing about MegaSpore ProBiotics. I was extremely impressed by his depth of knowledge and the mountain of research that he provided to back up his claims. MegaSpore ProBiotics is made up of spores which are like bacterial “seeds” that are able to travel through your stomach acid and make it to the small intestine where they can then become activated and colonize. Then the good stuff starts to happen. The MegaSpore ProBiotic has been proven to produce B vitamins, vitamin K, stimulates the immune system, helps aid in gut repair, aids in digestion, improves regularity, produces antibiotics against bad and harmful strains of bacteria such as H. Pylori, detoxifies the intestinal tract, reduces inflammation and pain, assists in the reduction of cholesterol, is a powerful anti-oxidant, produces Nattokinase (a natural blood thinner and also brain protectant), produces CoQ10 which is directly responsible for all energy systems in the body and a major player in heart health, helps fight infection/allergies and even provides immune support for asthma.

I don’t like it when I feel like I wasted my money and I know that that is what happened when I blew that $80 plus dollars on the probiotic a couple of months ago. I take MegaSpore ProBiotics and have been really happy with what I have seen and learned. My Mom and Dad are taking it as well and have reported really good results along with a lot of my patients.

Some other really good supplements that have been really hot sellers as of late are the Bovine Colostrum and Nattokinase. The colostrum is from organic cows that have just delivered. It has 40 times the amount of IgG antibodies when compared to human colostrum. Why is this important? IgG antibodies are able to cross the placenta from a mother to her baby. After a baby is born, breast milk has colostrum in it which is what provides a newborn with a really strong immunity. It’s pretty rare to see a breast fed baby with a cold, virus or bacterial infection. Colostrum is the reason why.