About Dr. Keith Currie


Dr. Keith Currie

Dr. Keith Currie, D.C. owns and operates Currie Health and Wellness Diagnostic Center. He attended undergraduate college in Tahlequah, Oklahoma where he was a biology/pre-med major with a chemistry minor. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, he received his Doctorate training in Kansas City, Missouri.


Dr. Currie is frequently traveling out of state while working to become a certified Chiropractic Internist. He is working with patients to not only relieve their pain but also to help them become healthier overall. He has attended course study for the natural treatment of conditions of: lungs, heart, liver, acid reflux, urinary tract infections, H. Pylori infections, Lyme’s Disease, allergy testing, pediatrics, gut repair, leaky gut, autoimmune disorders and food sensitivities, along with many others.